Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter Maintenance Checklist

As the darker nights draw in, follow our simple 5-step checklist to prevent potential future problems with your property.


  • Make sure drains remain clear of leaves and other declutter your gutters, roof, and chimney stacks . . . It’s WINTER! Bris enables water to escape from a building quickly, particularly during heavy downpours.


  • Check lead-work and roof tiling is in good condition and can withstand wind and rain. If anything is loose or worn, water will find its way in.

Gutters and Downpipes

  • Ensure these are free from moss, leaves and other debris and are all properly connected up. When it next rains, WATCH to ensure the water is being carried AWAY from your property – sometimes just a little “tweaking” of how they are set will save you a damp problem!


  • Monitor a property’s pointing and rendering regularly, and look for spalling of bricks and render that is cracked, as this will all allow water to ingress into a building.


  • Poor flashing on chimney breasts can let the water stream into a property, so check this area out before the weather turns. Are your chimneys “capped” to allow ventilation but keep out the rain?

Have a great winter!


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