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Damp proofing cost

How much does damp proofing cost?

Damp proofing can cost much less than you might think. We pride ourselves on our honest approach. We’ll never suggest work that’s not needed. To find out how much damp proofing costs, check out our blog.

Basement Waterproofing Systems

The Right Basement Waterproofing Systems

The southeast of Britain has always led the way regarding basement conversions and, therefore, the demand for the right basement waterproofing systems is high. Properties in Kent and across large parts of London lend themselves to extending downwards, and it can have a huge impact on the value of those properties, which are already among…

Damp and Timber Report

Damp and Timber Reports for Houses in the UK

Our damp and timber reports are vital to our service, as they are the blueprint for what happens next. The last thing you will get from us is the suggestion of work we cannot prove the benefit of. With the UK climate adapting as a result of global warming and UK homeowners facing the challenges…

Listed Building repairs

Listed Building Repairs – Damp Proofing Essentials

Our experts are regularly recruited to perform a whole host of listed building repairs as, with the exception of Devon, Kent has more listed buildings than any other region in England. With nearly 18,000 listed buildings spread across the county, the range of problems we are presented with is vast, and our team have seen…

What causes wet rot

What Causes Wet Rot

Getting to the bottom of what causes Wet Rot is the start of solving the problem, and with the weather as it is right now in Britain, it’s not hard to work out. Given that this country is experiencing a typically mixed British summer, the warm weather and ongoing rain make the perfect conditions for…

Damp Survey Costs

What Does A Damp Survey Cost

Damp Survey Costs Our outstanding team are regularly asked what a damp survey costs and why we charge for it.  A damp survey is critical to ensure you get the right solution the first time and the repair cost is kept as low as possible. On many occasions, we are actually able to advise our…

Listed Building Preservation

Listed Building Preservation Works

Listed building preservation is essential in Kent and the surrounding area. We have lots of beautiful properties and our trained team have lots of experience managing the damp problems that come with such old buildings.

Building Repairs

Listed Building Repairs For Historic Properties

We love working on some of the wonderful historical properties around the Kent area. Some require building repairs and thankfully our experienced team are experts in this area. Find out how we go about it, backed up by our trade body.

We work hard at building preservation.

Understanding Building Preservation

Being a member of industry trade association, the PCA, means we get insight into the latest research to keep us at the forefront of the building preservation.

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