What is Water Ingress?

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    What is Water Ingress?

    Water ingress is the process of water penetrating your building, resulting in a host of complications as a result of damp.

    Water ingress is more commonly known as Penetrating Damp, and it is treatable if you can identify the source of the problem.

    Water Ingress

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    What causes water ingress?

    The leading cause of water ingress is some form of defect in your brickwork.

    This, coupled with a constant source of moisture, will result in water penetrating the external wall and eventually appearing internally.

    There is a range of potential reasons, but chief among them are:

    Damaged brickwork: As brickwork and mortar age, it can become increasingly frail and susceptible to damage. The porous nature of bricks means, when exposed, they will provide a bridge for water to transfer inside.

    Broken Rainwater Goods: If your gutters or downpipes fail, weaknesses will be exposed during periods of sustained rainfall. The persistent attack on the same area won't allow moisture to evaporate from the brickwork.

    Roof damage - not always the easiest to check, but if your roof tiles are damaged or your chimney flashing is broken, it will leave your roof exposed to the elements.

    Water ingress

    What signs should I look out for?

    Water ingress can manifest itself in a host of different ways. However, a few tell-tale signs will confirm if you have a problem with water ingress.

    • Damp, musty smell
    • Mould, potentially moss growing on external walls
    • Damp patches on internal walls (no mineral residue will confirm it's not rising damp)
    • Damaged plasterwork
    • Water in a cellar or basement
    Water Ingress

    Treating Water Ingress

    If you catch any potential problems early enough, you could prevent any major issues.

    As we mentioned, identification is critical. So if you can pinpoint the source of the problem, you will be on track to finding a solution.

    Water getting into a basement or cellar is a complicated problem to deal with and can often require a damp-proofing system to remove the water and a remedial solution to stop the water ingress at the source.

    It could be a case of some straightforward DIY; fixing broken downpipes, reattaching gutters, replacing broken or failing masonry or adding protection to brickwork.

    However, if the problem has advanced and it is clear the process has moved into the internal walls, it would be wise to get professional help.

    South East Timber and Damp will come and provide you with a detailed survey complete with a detailed report that will ensure you are getting the best possible solution.

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