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    DIY damp proofing tips for home

    Damp is one of the most common complaints of homeowners in the UK and, if not addressed early on can cause further unwanted problems later down the line.

    Dampness in properties can be categorised into three main categories:

    1. Penetrating damp
    2. Rising damp
    3. Condensation

    Here are South East Timber & Damp’s DIY tips for preventing dampness in your property.

    DIY Damp proofing

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    It is important that an ongoing programme of external maintenance is introduced and continued to ensure that the building is maintained in as dry a condition as possible.

    Simple checks annually can lead to a drier home.

    1. Check your rainwater goods, i.e. Downpipes and gutters; ensure they are not broken/ compromised in any way or blocked with leaves, loose tiles, moss etc
    2. If walls are rendered, then check there are no cracks which will allow water to penetrate into the internal fabric of the building.
    3. Ensure that the pointing is in good condition and that this hasn’t weathered away over time or disintegrated.
    4. Check external ground levels to ensure that they are not higher than internal ground levels, allowing dampness to penetrate laterally.


    Regulating the temperature and improving the airflow in your house is crucial to avoiding a build-up of dampness in your property.

    Below are a few ideas on managing the process yourself.

    1. Open windows often in order to keep your property well-ventilated.
    2. Turn extractor fans onto full power when cooking
    3. Dry clothes on an outside line whenever possible
    4. Consider installing humidity tracking extractor fans in areas of high humidity.
    5. If partition walls are showing signs of dampness then ensure that you have ruled out leaking pipe – work by instructing a competent plumber

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