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South East Timber & Damp Guarantee

South East Timber and Damp Limited provide 10-year guarantees on all specialist services.  Please see your survey report for more details on what is covered.

Why do we only offer 10-year guarantees?

In our experience, very few 20-30 year guarantees provided are honored due to companies going bust or have ceased trading.  In our experience, if works are going to fail due to poor installation then this will generally occur within the first 2-3 years.  We will immediately re-inspect in this case and advise on next steps.  Defects that occur after this time are generally building defects and not related to the specialist works carried out.

At South East Timber and Damp we offer Insurance Backed Guarantees using the provider GPI The principle of an Insurance Backed Guarantee is to honour the terms of the written guarantee, originally issued by the installing contractor, where the contractor has ceased to trade a defined within the policy document and therefore, unable to satisfy claims against the guarantee.  This ensures that if we the contractor cease to trade you the client are covered with this one off payment insurance policy.

We recommend taking out this cover to protect yourself and your property in the case of us ceasing to trade.  The GPIproduct has a maximum term of 10 years.  Therefore we offer a maximum 10-year guarantee to run alongside this optional insurance policy.

Insurance Backed Guarantee Explained

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GPI Policy Leaflet

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GPI Policy Summary

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