Rising Damp Treatment

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    Rising Damp Treatment

    Identifying Rising Damp

    Before we start with any rising damp treatment, as with all damp issues, identification has to be the first step. We will always begin with a survey to ensure we find the source of the problem, which will lead to the most appropriate course of action.

    We have often found that the existing damp course has been somehow bridged, whether that’s a poorly planned flower bed, some debris within the wall cavity or inappropriate insulation material.

    So before you start drilling into your walls, make sure you know what the problem is.

    Rising Damp Treatment

    However, now that you have identified the problem, there are several approaches to the most effective rising damp treatment.

    There are many options on the market, and we’d be happy to advise you on a solution. The most common and cost-effective approach is the use of an injection cream. It is inserted into the wall via a set of holes bored in the mortar. The treatment returns to liquid form and permeates its way down through the wall as the chemicals create a powerful waterproof barrier in the future.

    The other option is a new damp-proof course. Our professional team will install under guarantee to ensure the problem is solved. However, it is essential when installing a new damp course that the resultant salt damage to any plasterboard is fixed soon after. Salt residue can still absorb moisture from the air giving the appearance of damp even after installing the new damp course.

    Rising damp treatment

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    Rising damp treatment

    Solving Rising Damp Step By Step

    Our step-by-step rising damp solution:

    1. We will investigate and identify the source of the problem.
    2. Investigate whether there have been any further consequences due to rising damp.
    3. We then propose a course of action for you to resolve the issue yourself or a plan that we can implement. If you require a professional solution, it will either be an injection cream solution or a new damp-proof course.
    4. We will implement our proposed solution, ensuring we solve your issues outside and inside, removing and replacing any damaged plasterwork or woodwork.
    5. Ensure we leave you happy and satisfied with our work.

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