Penetrating Damp Treatment

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    Identifying The Source of Penetrating Damp

    Our penetrating damp treatment begins with identification. Locating the source of the water in the external wall will provide us with a route map to solve the problem.

    Catching the problem early or even preventing it before it becomes an issue is preferable. So there are a few steps and some basic DIY you undertake to help avoid the problems, including:

    • Regularly clear out any blocked downpipes and repair any that are cracked, broken or have come away from the wall.
    • Check and replace any missing or damaged roof tiles.
    • Assess the surrounds of your windows and doors and ensure water is moving away from these areas effectively. If there are any blockages, you will notice a build-up of moss which will accentuate the problem.

    Penetrating Damp Survey

    While there are some DIY steps you can take to try and solve the problem before it becomes an issue, we would always suggest getting a professional opinion on the problem, especially if the damp is now starting to appear internally.

    Our expert team will attend your property, identify the issue that is causing the damp and provide you with a full survey report and action plan. In our experience, the problem is usually the result of the following:

    1. Broken rainwater goods - drainpipes etc.
    2. Weaknesses in the external wall caused broken brickwork, damaged pointing,
    3. Waterproof qualities of the wall having diminished over time
    4. Issues in the seals around windows and doors

    Penetrating Damp Treatment

    Following the survey, we would start by resolving the source of the problem. Whether that is fixing pipework or broken masonry, stopping the situation at the source is critical.

    If the problem has gone untreated for a period of time, it will increase the likelihood of you suffering from wet or dry rot or even black mould. This requires a more robust solution.

    Whatever the problem is, it will have weakened the waterproof qualities of the brickwork, enabling the water to bridge across the masonry to cavity wall insulation or straight into the plasterboard. In this case, it will be critical we treat the affected area with a waterproofing solution to help prevent future problems.

    Our team will rectify any internal issues that exist, such as the plasterwork, repair or replace and treat any damaged timber, and tackle any black mould that might have built up.

    The team at South East Timber and Damp has many years of experience dealing with these issues and are well qualified (Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment) with our trade body's endorsement, the Property Care Association.

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    Penetrating Damp Treatment

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