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    Listed Building Damp Specialists

    What is a Listed Building?

    When talking of older buildings, we are referring to ‘Period Properties’ – generally speaking, the properties built pre-World War I (Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian etc.).

    Listed Buildings also form a large part of what makes up, but are not limited to, pre-war built properties – buildings which carry a special historical or architectural significance.

    Structural characteristics of older buildings include: solid walls, lack of damp-proof courses, and no felt under tiles or slates. Traditional building materials such as stone, soft brick, lime-based mortars and plasters etc., are more porous than modern-day building materials. All of these combined factors mean that penetrating and rising dampness is more likely to occur in older buildings.

    Listed Building Damp Specialists

    If you own, or are in charge of the maintenance of an older or listed building, it is important to remember that the majority do not benefit from modern methods of damp proofing or waterproofing. It is imperative when treating such buildings to maintain structural integrity as well as its aesthetic character and to be sparing in the application of any modern product, whilst achieving the ultimately desired outcome of a dry internal surface.

    Our CSRT CSSW qualified surveyor has had extensive experience in dealing with both older properties from a variety of different time periods, as well as listed buildings, from Grade II through to grade I. He will provide you with a detailed report of his findings and, if required, suggestions for remedial works which will comply with the best practices for buildings of this nature. If we are carrying out works to Listed Buildings we will only use products that meet the stringent Listed Building Requirements, therefore preserving the building’s special historical or architectural significance.

    All our specialist remedial treatments are guaranteed for 10 years with the option to purchase a GPI insurance policy for peace of mind, should we cease trading.

    Listed Building Damp Specialists

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    Our surveyor regularly attends PCA courses including “Alternative repair strategies for traditional buildings” this is run in partnership with SPAB – Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and is specifically for surveyors working with traditional buildings containing information and education on repair strategies that are complimentary to the original structure.

    We are passionate about ensuring the longevity of these beautiful homes and properties and continue to strive to ensure best practices are used in doing this.

    We have carried out notable timber and damp works to many Grade 1 listed properties in the South East including National Trust properties.

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