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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Damp Surveys Free?

We have a range of survey fee’s from £95 to £295 to carry out a timber and damp inspection. Many clients over the years have said how a thorough investigation into their damp and timber problem completely put their mind at rest and saved them money.

Dean has had over 24 years experience in dealing with damp and rot issues and will explain why the issue is occurring and also work out how to best remedy the problem. We fully reimburse the upfront fee in the final invoice should you instruct us to carry out remedial works for you.

Authorised by the PCA Property Care Association, we can issue you with a competency certificate to demonstrate to your bank or advisor that you have had a survey completed by a qualified remedial treatment surveyor. Accredited by Checkatrade, KCC Trading Standards Approved, TrustMark, Which Trusted Trader and as members of our trade association the Property Care Association your property preservation really is in the best hands.

Why we charge for our surveys


My home buyer’s survey has said I need to get an inspection on dampness and timber infestation. Can you help?

If the home buyer’s survey has picked up on some specific problems of damp in the property, or possible timber issues, then generally the survey will recommend that you engage a a CSRT qualified surveyor or a company that is a member of the Property Care Association. Our chief surveyor, the company Director Mr Dean Webster, is CSRT qualified – Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments – and we are also a member of the PCA – Property Care Association – (previously the BWPDA).

We make a charge for this service please see our “request a survey” page for the current fee’s.   We can provide a competency certificate with the service, which can ONLY be offered by Surveyors who have achieved the CSRT qualification; it is an important document and should be forwarded to your lending institution (Building Society, Bank etc) or professional advisor as confirmation that the remedial treatment survey report has been compiled by a qualified Remedial Treatment Surveyor in accordance with the appropriate standards recommended by the PCA.

Call us now on 01732 884535 to gain peace of mind that you have checked the property for any issues prior to purchase.

How Do I Know That You Really Are Specialists?

All surveys and inspections are carried out by either the company owner Dean Webster or Lee Richardson,  Dean has been working within this industry for over 20 years. Dean has studied and passed both the CSRT – Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments – AND the CSSW – Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing. These are industry recognised qualifications and identify specialists in our field – there are less than 150 individuals who hold both of these qualifications within the UK.

Dean is also a member of the PCA (Property Care Association), CPD (Continual Professional Development scheme), and attends regular updates, seminars and workshops in this specialist area. He is keen to build on his already extensive knowledge. Dean also has a way of explaining problems in layman’s terms so you really do walk away understanding WHY your problem has occurred along with the best way to remedy it.

Accredited by Checkatrade, KCC’S Trading Standards approved, Which Trusted Trader scheme,  TrustMark and as members of the Property Care Association your property preservation is in the best hands.

How Do We Know We Have Woodworm?

Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum) is more commonly known as woodworm; you will see small flight holes in the timbers (approximately 1-3mm) and if it is still active there will be a light coloured dust present. The dust will come loose if shaken.

If left to its own devices, infestations can lead to structural weakening of timbers.

Be aware that there are many other types of beetle/insect that may be present in your timbers, and they all require specialist individual treatments. To ensure you know exactly what you have and to what extent, we would suggest you get a CSRT qualified surveyor to check it out. Complete an online survey request so we can arrange a visit to view the problem. Find out more about woodworm and our range of woodworm treatments on our Woodworm page.

How Long Should We Wait After Damp Proof Re-Plastering Before We Can Re-Decorate And Paint The Area?

Every case is individual and dependent on the render thickness, the surrounding atmosphere, the ventilation, and general conditions. We would generally say, as a ball park figure, to wait 8-10 weeks in the summer to allow the water to leave the render and evaporate naturally.

Avoid introducing high heat directly to the area as this will create cracks, and keep the area well ventilated. If you have any further questions on this or ANY topic relating to timber or damp problems then call or e-mail us now. We are here to help and advise.

What Areas Do You Cover?

We are based in Kent, so generally cover the whole of Kent, East Sussex and South East London. For our regular clients we travel a lot further.  We cover all over the South East and therefore can generally fit clients in within the same week to carry out a survey. We regularly carry out surveys from 7am so that home owners do not need to take time off work.

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