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    Damp Treatment

    Damp Proof Treatment

    The first step in any damp treatment is identifying the source of the problem.

    There is a range of issues that will project the appearance of damp in your house, and each of them has its specialist approach to treating them.

    Therefore the correct identification will save you time and money in the long run.

    We are regularly asked to survey damp within households where the residents have attempted some well-meaning DIY damp treatment that’s just not working. They have tried to solve their condensation problems or painted over an offending area with damp treatment paint in the hope it would go away. Unless you get to the heart of the problem, damp has a nasty habit of returning.

    Our experienced, well-trained experts have an in-depth knowledge of dampness and can advise on the appropriate treatment whether you have any of the following.

    Rising Damp

    Rising damp occurs when groundwater soaks by capillary action up into unprotected brickwork and stone masonry, or through the softer mortar holding the brickwork together.

    As groundwater, containing soluble salts, absorbs into a wall’s base, it can cause unsightly damage to your home decoration and could also lead to timber decay if left untreated.

    Penetrating Damp

    Penetrating damp is known technically as ‘water ingress’; it refers to any moisture seeping into the fabric of a building from routes other than the ground (see Rising Damp).

    Penetrating damp can cause structural and cosmetic damage to a building, as well as potentially creating health complications for the inhabitants if left untreated for a prolonged time.


    Condensation is the most common form of unwanted dampness in buildings. Normally a winter problem, it results from moisture in the air condensing as it comes into contact with cold surfaces.

    Condensation can lead to fungal decay in timbers, mould on walls, stained curtains and decayed window frames. Untreated mould can lead to respiratory problems and other health issues.

    What our customers say

    Damp Survey

    All our surveyors are well-qualified industry experts* who will identify the source of the problem and advise you on the best course of treatment for the damp you are experiencing.

    Our surveys include a site visit by our knowledgeable, qualified and certified CSRT, CSSW surveyor to inspect the specific issue or full property as required.

    The surveyor will provide an on-site consultation with surveyor regarding any remedial works required. They will also clarify the process involved and provide answers to any questions you may have.

    You will receive a verbal estimate on-site, followed by an email estimate for any works required as per site discussion.

    At South East Timber and Damp, we take pride in the knowledge that we are providing reassuringly honest advice and offering the best possible solution.

    We have three options to suit your needs at varying price points, for details on which is best for you to check out the links below.

    1. Snapshot
    2. Comprehensive
    3. Fast-Track

    Did you know?

    Our surveys range from just £95 - £295 plus VAT - click below to Book a Survey!

    Damp Treatment Programme

    Our comprehensive five-stage damp treatment programme includes the following:

    1. Identifying the source of the dampness and the extent of the problem with our comprehensive survey
    2. Proposing a course of damp treatment based on budget and the property being treated
    3. Carry out a programme of treatment that will get to the source of the problem, including drafting in our specialist support team to provide the very highest professional finish. We will also advise and treat any subsequent rot that has occurred as a result of the damp.
    4. Provide advice and support on an ongoing programme of damp treatment
    5. Complete our treatment, leaving the property as clean and tidy as you would expect, safe in the knowledge your work is covered by our guarantee.

    Damp Specialists

    Our team of experts* are well qualified, experienced professionals who will go the extra mile to ensure your damp problems are solved and your house or workplace is returned to normal.

    We will take off and re-connect your radiators and remove and replace covings, skirtings and electrical sockets.

    We will leave your rooms ready to decorate. You will not need to bring in a plumber, carpenter and electrician to finish after us.

    *All our staff are CSRTCSJK and or CSSW qualified.

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