How much does damp proofing cost?

What Does Damp Proofing Cost?

Many of our clients are concerned about how much damp proofing costs. They’ve either had a bad experience with another provider or have misconceptions which make them apprehensive. 

However, the cost of not fixing the problem will inevitably be considerably more.  

Finding a solution to a damp problem can be challenging; dampness can occur in a property for many reasons. Understanding the source of the problem (where the damp is coming from) is vital, so talking to a professional is crucial.

It can vary widely based on the type and age of a property, which will dictate the appropriate technique and materials used to solve the problem.

So we wanted to allay some of the fears around damp proofing costs by presenting a few case studies that outline roughly the financial commitment required.

Damp Issues

As with any complex problem and potential solution, success is the result of the right diagnosis.

We know there are three main damp problems;

Rising damp occurs when groundwater soaks up into unprotected brickwork or stone masonry. It attacks the soft mortar in between the bricks, weakening them. Given the salt and other chemicals in the water, it will adversely affect your decor, staining your wall. It may also lead to timber decay.

Penetrating damp is the process by which water enters the building other than from the ground up. It is often the result of broken rainwater goods or issues with your roof seeping into your brickwork. Again, this will almost certainly have an effect on the decor in your house.

Condensation is one of the most common causes of damp within a household. It is the result of warmer air within a property coming into contact with cooler surfaces, i.e. the steam from a shower room. There are some simple fixes, such as opening the bathroom window when showering or finding a consistent temperature in your house.

Damp Proofing Cost

The cost of each damp treatment depends on a thorough investigation of the specific issues. The value of guesstimating is limited as the long-term costs will only increase if the wrong treatment is implemented and subsequently fails. We are regularly called upon to remedy work that has failed because of a bad diagnosis.

This is where a damp survey becomes invaluable. The survey will highlight the real issue behind the damp, the extent of the problem and any potential solution.

Damp Proofing Costs Less Than You Think

We have attended many properties where the homeowners are concerned their issue is going to cost thousands to rectify.

So it is often a pleasant surprise when we inform them that, after an inspection, the damp proofing cost will be minimal, and they just require some general maintenance work. It could be as simple as clearing blockages to the guttering, repairing defective pointing and removing wall foliage so that the damp issues internally can dry out over a period of time with the right internal environmental conditions.

Obviously, there are occasions when the situation requires more work, but you can be sure we will never suggest work that’s not required.

Assessing The Problem

Assessing a damp issue is rarely straightforward, with the possibilities of leaking pipework within walls or under flooring, cracked or split plinths, missing roof tiles, blocked drains even dogs using a corner of a room as their toilet!

The cause must be established before a solution is offered.

Here are a few examples of scenarios we have come across surveying in Kent and South East London. Please also see our detailed case studies of damp, timber and waterproofing surveys we have carried out.

damp proofing cost

Property One

1900, 4-bed detached home.

Problem – Damp Walls

This is one of the most common problems we come across. Rising damp within one room that’s causing damp patches on all four walls.

Whether it comes in from the roof down or up from the floor, dampness on your walls is a sure sign you have a problem. Quick identification of the problem with a damp survey and the right solution will save you a lot of problems in the long run.


With one room and four walls to be remedied, we would recommend a full-height vertical system.

This would cost around £4,500+VAT plus possible external maintenance repairs. Works would leave the area full height plastered with the skirtings and covings and electrics re-affixed.

(Exclusive of VAT. For approximate cost ideas only)


Damp proofing cost

Property Two

200 yr old, two-bed mid-terrace Victorian cottage

Problem – Damaged or Faulty Damp Proof Course

We have come across a number of older properties where the is no original damp proof course or the existing damp proof course has failed for a range of reasons. Very often, it is down to alterations made within the garden.

On this occasion, we found rising dampness which was the result of there being no original damp-proof course at either the front or back of the property. Strangely, there was no visible decorative spoiling, but we were able to identify the problem.


On this occasion, the appropriate solution was a Damp Proof Course injection followed by a period of drying with controlled internal environmental monitoring.  

We would estimate this solution to cost around £1,200+VAT.

(Exclusive of VAT. For approximate cost ideas only)

Damp proofing cost

Property Three

1990s, three-bed semi-detached house showing signs of dampness.

Problem – Penetrating Damp

On first viewing, there was no obvious source of dampness; however, our damp survey revealed an issue on the rear external wall that was causing some concern. In our experience, the likelihood of this being rising damp is very low due to modern high-performing damp-proof courses.


On this occasion, the issue was confirmed as penetrating damp, and general maintenance works to guttering were advised. Over time the dampness would dry out, and there would be a requirement for internal work to be carried out.

The cost would just be the survey fee of £95 to have our surveyor attend and assess.

(Exclusive of VAT. For approximate cost ideas only)

Contact Our Team

As we mentioned, the best way to put your mind at rest is to get a damp survey of the area in question. We will assess your property for damp and discuss any potential solutions. 

Or, if you have already engaged a contractor, we can help by giving you a second opinion prior to choosing a contractor to carry out the work.

Get in touch today to arrange a damp survey. Dean would be happy to review the issue and give you the best advice to remedy the problem.

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