Damp and Timber Reports for Houses in the UK

Our damp and timber reports are vital to our service, as they are the blueprint for what happens next. The last thing you will get from us is the suggestion of work we cannot prove the benefit of.

With the UK climate adapting as a result of global warming and UK homeowners facing the challenges of dealing with an ageing housing stock, identifying a solution to the problem of dampness in its various forms is not easy.

So, enlisting the support of well-qualified industry experts to provide an accurate, easily understood damp and timber report is a critical first step.

Purpose of a Damp and Timber Report

There are a whole host of reasons you might need a damp and timber report, but primarily, it is the discovery phase of your project to damp-proof your property.

Dampness in a property, whether it is a residential or professional premises, can have a detrimental impact on the foundation of your property and the health of those existing within it.

While dampness is absolutely a challenge that can be overcome with the right solution, it will impact the property value if you are trying to sell it. So, making informed decisions on finding the right solution that will make the property safe and secure for sale or occupancy must start by identifying the problem through a damp and timber report.

Damp and Timber Report

What is included in a Damp and Timber Report?

There are a range of approaches to damp and timber reports, but we are incredibly proud of the accuracy and speed with which we now produce our reports. We are harnessing technology to accurately assess the problem and get the right information to our clients as quickly as possible.

In our damp and timber reports, you will find:

Visual evidence

We will conduct a comprehensive review of the problem and identify the issues that you might not be able to see. The tools we use help us to get beyond the immediate issue and understand what is at the heart of the problem.

The team at SETD will provide visual evidence of the dampness, the rot or any timber infestation, including photography and any infrared modelling we have.


Sometimes, the visual evidence doesn’t tell the whole story, so we will provide measurements that reinforce our assertions. This will include moisture content readings in the walls and timbers affected.

We will also provide you with a description of the readings to help you make sense of them and make the right decision.


A damp and timber report is worth nothing if there is no clear direction to a solution. We will outline the possible solutions, which could include an element of DIY, that will include the necessary remedial work and treatments required and the preventative measures that will avoid the dampness coming back.

Our recommendations will come with an estimate of the potential costs of the recommended work, which will include estimated timescales for the completion of the job.

Damp and Timber Report

Technical Tools Used for Damp and Timber Reports

The team at South East Timber and Damp have amassed many years of experience solving damp issues for residential and industrial properties across Kent and the South East of Great Britain.

So they understand which tools add real value and those that are gimmicks. The technical tools we use are crucial for our job and give us the insight you will almost certainly never see.

Moisture Meters: We use moisture meters to give us an accurate indication of the extent of the problem. This helps us identify the route of the problem and provide a comprehensive solution to avoid a repeat.

Borescopes: This is a vital tool to help us get into the cavities, under the floors and behind the walls to understand the issues without causing too much damage to the property. South East Timber and Damp have always got our customers in mind, and we want to avoid any unnecessary expense.

Thermal Imaging: Using thermal imaging helps us detect damp through temperature variations in the property. These might not always be obvious to the naked so this provides additional insight that again, you might not get from others.

What to Do with a Damp and Timber Report

The next steps with a damp and timber report depend on what you were originally required the report for.

If you are experiencing dampness right now and want a report to confirm the problem and then the solution, then the next stage is taking on the recommendations and speaking to our team or others to address the problem and avoid any further problems

If you are using the report to build a claim with the insurance company, then submit the report, and if there is further explanation required, just get in touch, and our team will help in any way we can.

If you are in the process of negotiating a sale or purchase of the property, then you can use the report as part of any purchase process.

Alternatively, if the report was to request an ongoing programme of maintenance to ensure your rented accommodation was liveable, then, again, submit this report to your landlord, and if there is further clarification required, just ask.

Damp and Timber Reports

As we mentioned, our damp and timber reports are a critical element of our service. They act as the blueprint for our work and ensure we are providing the very best, most cost-effective and efficient service possible.

They ensure any landlord meets their health and safety obligations and that any property, residential or commercial, is safe and habitable.

If you would like a consultation from a certified professional to provide you with a full damp and timber report, please get in touch today; we will be more than happy to help.

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