When Is Waterproofing, Not Waterproofing?


With last winter’s record-breaking rainfall and heavy driving winds over the past 4-5 months, we are experiencing problems with properties that are completely new to the owners.

But there is one problem that time never changes; people have their basements ‘waterproofed’ without installing a pump system to remove ingressing water.

More traditional cementitious systems are reliant on trying to keep water out. Still, with the rising amounts of water falling onto already saturated land, the presence put on below-ground structures increases, putting more pressure on the structure and the system within.

We have this week received a call from a homeowner that has spent over £40,000 converting their three-room basement into a habitable area.

Their main contractor told them that he knew the local area and that they didn’t need a pump!! The membranes will hold back the small amounts of water that might come in, he said.

The result?? A flood of 3 foot deep in water to the whole lower ground area leading to the requirement of a complete strip out and refit, including the installation of two pump stations (one at either end of the large basement),

The Cost?? All to be the clients as not covered by insurance, a pricey error.

Remember this. Always assume the basement/cellar will flood.

Allow the water in, control it and move it to quality pump stations, and move it out again to a suitable above-ground drainage area. If your builder says you don’t need a pump, think about this blog and the consequences that water ingress can lead to.

What is the saying?

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Get us in to help, we specialise in flooded properties – You need EXPERT advice.

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