Chemical Damp Proof Course

A Chemical Damp Proof Course (CDPC) is an increasingly popular treatment. While there is some debate amongst the industry as to the alternatives, a CDPC is definitely an effective solution to the damp attacking your brickwork.

The team at South East Timber and Damp are well trained in implementing a chemical DPC with a number of years of experience.

What is a Chemical Damp Proof Course?

A CDPC is a retrofitted introduction of a water-repelling substance that creates a horizontal or vertical barrier to prevent the vertical or lateral movement of moisture through the construction of a building.

Original physical damp proof courses (DPC) were introduced during the 1800s. Usually, a physical presence such as slate, bitumen and later plastics was used.

When is a Chemical Damp Proof Needed?

A chemical damp course may be introduced when there is a lack of physical damp proof course or a damp proof course has deteriorated allowing naturally present moisture to rise vertically through the construct past the damp proof course by capillary action.

Do I always need a damp proof course?

In short…. No is the answer. If there already is a physical damp proof course in situ and the moisture present within the masonry above damp proof course is satisfactory then it can be said the damp proof course is already working and another additional chemical damp proof course may not be needed.

What does a CDPC look like?

A more modern chemical damp proof course will be installed into a horizontal mortar joint between the bricks with holes drilled at approximately 100mm – 150mm centres which, after preparation, will be injected with a chemical cream similar in substance to mayonnaise.

Most of the time if you are having a damp proof course introduced as part of the damp-proofing system you may never see the damp-proof course holes.

How much does cost?

That really depends on the contractor and the thickness of the construction and the amount of damp proof course to be introduced. Normally costings should be estimated in a 225mm wall at around £35-£45 per linear metre for damp proof course installation only. This, of course, does not include any other specialist works such as re-plastering or membrane fixing.

If you’d like to find out more just contact our team, we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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