How to stop damp – Think D.A.M.P.

Damp in its various forms can cost you thousands of pounds in repairs. Unchecked the problem can not only lead to problems for your building but can also seriously impact the value of your property. 

We always work hard to rectify any damp problems you come across. However, we get asked a lot from our customers about “how to stop damp“. So here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure, where possible, you avoid D.A.M.P on your property. 

Deal with any issues quickly

Damp can creep up on the most diligent of homeowners. It can build up out of sight and all of a sudden appear climbing your wallpaper or scaling your external wall. So the best way to stop damp getting any worse is to deal with it quickly and efficiently. 

Fast identification is key. Understanding the problem leads to faster diagnosis and more effective treatment. 


Our houses are all well insulated these days making them as heat efficient as possible which is obviously great for the environment. However, that’s not always good for your internal environment. 

Unfortunately, the moisture we create in the house has nowhere to go. So the challenge is to make a few changes to your routine that will help avoid the condensation build-up. 

For instance, always open the window when you are cooking or showering. Use saucepan lids to keep the majority of the steam in the pan. 

Also, try and keep a more consistent heat within the property. Wide-ranging fluctuations will make it difficult for the property to manage heat. If you feel it generally a bit cold, raise the temperature in the house and keep it consistently at that level. 

Manage Your Property

This is about making sure you regularly audit your property, keeping an eye out for any damage that might enable water to enter the property. 

If there has recently been some inclement or wild weather, as we are prone to in the UK, this may cause the movement of roof tiles allowing water to access. 

There may be some cracked brickwork exposed to the elements, again opening up the opportunity for water to get in. Likewise, as buildings age, the propensity for the mortar to age and crack increases so it’s worth keeping an eye on and remedying as soon as possible. 

Many of us have a garden hose for keeping the garden looking fresh. When you’re recoiling after use just double check there are no significant leaks as it is a regular culprit that can penetrate the garage or side of the house. 

Prevent Build-up

Every household is likely to have guttering around the property. With the general residue that comes off the roof with every passing shower and the fauna that floats around in the wind it is vital you keep your gutters clear. If you don’t it is likely there will be a build-up and blockage with the potential for vegetation to grow. All this is the perfect scenario for water to find its way into your property and to cause damp problems.

So if you are looking for prevention on how to stop damp rather than the cure just keep in mind DAMP and you won’t go far wrong.

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