Signs of dry rot, Sevenoaks

Issue: Signs of dry rot in a listed country estate house in Sevenoaks, Kent.

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Internal decorators were about to start preparation for redecoration works when they noticed that original timber panels had cracked and were distorted. They were sure there were signs of dry rot.

This was reported to the site agent who wanted clarification on the type of decay present. He called the local PCA dry rot specialists and we attended the next day to confirm that the outbreak was indeed true dry rot (SURPULA LACRYMANS).

Signs of Dry Rot

Solution: Signs of dry rot in listed country house.

Firstly we determined one of the contributory factors to the outbreak which was a long-term defective downpipe/rainwater goods directly adjacent.

We were told that this had been repaired approximately one year ago and had now been tested and there were no further leaks from the source.

Due to the nature of this fungus and the complex placement of panelling, original lathe and plaster dry linings it is virtually impossible to estimate where the original signs of dry rot have extended to.

With favourable conditions as were present on-site, the only course of action was to have technicians attend for a day opening up works. They removed panelling, dry lining, floor coverings and opened up floors to ascertain exactly the extent of the outbreak. This gave them a firm idea of costings rather than guessing and having to adjust upwards costs during a contract.

With outbreaks of dry rot, this is always the best course of action to ensure the client knows the extent of the outbreak and the cost to rectify.


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