What Does A Damp Survey Cost

Damp Survey Costs

Our outstanding team are regularly asked what a damp survey costs and why we charge for it. 

A damp survey is critical to ensure you get the right solution the first time and the repair cost is kept as low as possible. On many occasions, we are actually able to advise our clients that simple lifestyle changes like opening the bathroom window or practical solutions like fixing broken pipework are the solution, and there are no technical repairs required.  

However, this means we need to investigate thoroughly and provide you with a comprehensive report, which involves our well-qualified, expert team visiting your property and detailing their findings. 

Damp Survey Costs


What are we looking for?

There are generally three leading causes of dampness in the house. 

  • Rising damp – as the name suggests, is dampness rising through the brickwork from the ground and is often the result of a defective or absent damp proof course. There will be a few tell-tale signs in your decor, with water marks appearing on the wall or dampness on the outside brickwork. Take a look here for more information on Rising Damp.  
  • Penetrating damp – is moisture getting into a building from a source off the ground and is often the result of faulty rainwater goods or damaged brickwork. Again, tell-tale signs will be discolouring in your decor, peeling wallpaper, bubbling paint, or all of the above. For more detail on Penetrating Damp, take a look here.
  • Condensation – condensation’s effects result from high moisture content in the air landing on colder surfaces. This provides a breeding ground for mould and can lead to issues for your decor and can cause potential health problems. For more on condensation, please take a look at our latest blog

Our experts can survey a property for other issues, including wet and dry rot and woodworm. We also provide surveys for basement or cellar conversions.

Why We Charge for a Damp Survey

Our surveyor team has many years of experience and is well-qualified to assess any property. We also invest in their ongoing training to ensure they remain at the top of their game, which means they are in high demand, well known for their expert advice. 

Therefore we have to charge a small fee for their work which helps cover some of the costs as often, no work or treatment is required, just some straightforward maintenance to remedy the issue.

We have a range of survey fees to carry out a timber and damp inspection. Our Snapshot Damp Survey cost £95 and includes:

  • A site visit by our knowledgeable, qualified and certified CSRT CSSW surveyor.
  • An on-site consultation with the surveyor regarding any remedial works required.
  • A verbal estimate given on site, followed by an email estimate for any works required as per site discussion.  

We also have a Comprehensive and Fast-Track survey which includes everything in the Snapshot. However, it also includes a documented report of findings from the damp survey along with relevant photographs, printed and as a PDF. 

A comprehensive report is £195 and is received in a week, whereas the Fast-Track is £295 but received within 48 hours. 

Damp Survey Costs

A Trustworthy Service       

It is vital to the team at South East Timber and Damp that you can trust the service we provide. While there is a nominal damp survey cost, we hope you will have faith that our feedback is honest and accurate and will solve your damp issues. 

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