Who Are Our Industry’s Real Experts?

I LOVE the internet; I do a weekly supermarket shop on it, book theatre, train and cinema tickets, research holidays, read up reports on cars I like, read emails – send e-mails, Facebook, check the weather and much much more. How did we ever manage without it? BUT, and a BIG BUT, there are some poor sites carrying incorrect and misleading information, blatant untruths and worrying claims by other tradesmen.

In our industry, there are COWBOYS, and these come in many forms, the real dodgy cowboy who knocks on doors to tell the unsuspecting homeowner of damp problems that don’t exist, traders who may claim to offer “specialist” services when actually they have never trained in the area at all or super clever technical whizzes who create hundreds of websites extolling the virtues of their companies when upon investigation it is all a big SHAM.

However, there are also many great companies out there offering specialist services similar to ourselves, some are members of the Property Care Association – PCA, and some may not be.

So as an established, recognised, trustworthy, experienced, qualified Damp and Timber specialist Confusedcontractor ourselves, I would like to share with you who WE go to for advice, the leaders in our industry, the knowledgeable, the extremely experienced, the experts you can trust, our peers.

The Damp Guru

Firstly, Mr Graham Coleman B.Sc(Hons)., M.I.Biol., C.Biol., A.I.W.Sc., F.Inst.S.S.E, pretty impressive letters after his name goes a long way in backing up his expertise.

On his site, you will find many articles and case studies regarding to Damp and Timber issues. He really is the font of all knowledge for Damp, Timber Decay and Condensation.

The Damp Surveyor & Customer Service champion (and so much more)

Another person I follow closely is Bryan Hindle of BT Preservation in Leeds; he tweets regularly, creates interesting and informative youtube videos and has an informative and interesting blog that he updates regularly; I am an avid follower.

The Underground Waterproofing Expert

We also seek advice when required from Mr Phil Hewitt on any basement waterproofing or tanking issues we have, as he is THE EXPERT!

The Property Care Association – PCA

As our governing body and having access to the top experts in the industry if researching the areas of dampness, decay or waterproofing, this website is a great place to visit for real solid facts relating to our specialist areas.

Dean Webster CSRT

If, after checking out the above sources, you still have a question that needs answering or you need some advice, then contact us by email, phone or by clicking on the ASK THE EXPERT button to send a question through to our qualified surveyor. As a small firm specialising in damp, waterproofing and timber issues, we really will do our best to help you.

Happy researching and reading – Annabelle (the non-specialist)

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