Basement Conversion Advice

I still envy anyone who has a basement, as my husband and I run a basement conversion company, we could have the best underground space for our children to disappear to; however a 1930’s bungalow it is!

I remember spending time in Canada in my teens at my family’s home, and they had a HUGE space underground. It had a large TV area with videos, games and squashy leather L-shaped sofas, a separate utility room with a washing machine you could stand in and even a separate room for my uncle’s workbench and special ‘projects’!

As we all know, in this day and age, space is EVERYTHING, and I do not envy anyone who is starting out on the road to basement conversion with little or no knowledge of the HUGE possible pitfalls of taking the wrong advice. That is why I am going to give you links to the BEST places for good solid advice – firstly, us!

Dean is qualified in Structural Waterproofing and has access to the best technical people around. However, if you want to do your research first, the best place to start is with the Property Care Association, the governing body of which we are members of. They have a whole section dedicated to the conversion of basements – this is a good place to start your education. But don’t forget to call us on 01732 884535 for any further advice.

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