Amateurs Cost You More Than Professionals

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

This is sooooo true!

In business, in your personal life, in regards to car maintenance, plumbing ANY daily task getting in an EXPERT immediately is imperative to help you get things right.

As a business owner, I wear many different hats – bookkeeper, financial controller, training manager, marketer, sales, customer service – some I wear quite comfortably – some do not fit at all! One thing I have learnt is that if the hat doesn’t fit – hire someone that does fit it! (I have a great accountant and have yet to find a great marketer!)

We recently had one of our transit vans stolen – you just expect, as a law-abiding citizen and someone who holds every insurance policy required, that it will all be OK.

If only this were so – after nearly eight weeks of being given the run around by our van insurance company, the door was CLOSED. Not a penny would come to us – end of the claim. Goodbye. We were devastated – we could not afford a loss (the van was worth £9500) like this.

As a small company in a very competitive market – we battle every day of every month to maintain cash flow to keep our doors open; a knock like this could bring us down.

We were currently paying £300 a week to rent a poor-quality transit van, so the need to get a replacement quickly was imperative – however, the funds were not available.

In my frustration, I posted a discussion on a LinkedIn group that I manage for PCA – Property Care Association Members about the issue.

I was immediately contacted by two members – one local to me and, in fact, a competitor and one down in the South West. Offering advice, a shoulder and the contact of someone to assist – A light at the end of a dark tunnel.

I got in contact with the local man Mr Chas Jordan, and within 24 hours, he had collected all the associated paperwork and agreements and advised me that, indeed, the insurance was in the wrong and had made an error. It was just a matter of making them aware of the terms of their own contract.

He took over the handling of the enquiry, and within one week, we had an apologetic call from the head of complaints for the insurance company to say they were paying us out in full.

So! The moral of this story is, if you need help – ASK! As there are people out there that specialist in EVERYTHING! and can take away the stress and strain of the unknown and resolve the conflict.

I can highly recommend my knight in shining armour – Mr Chas Jordan of Fair Contracts Associates and if you think you have a contract or lease agreement for any equipment and you are not sure of the implications, or you just want help in getting a fair deal to start with – this man is a genius!

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