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Invasive Weeds

What is it?

Invasive plants are becoming more and more of a common problem for home and business owners up and down the country. Here at South East Timber and Damp we specialise in offering the right solution for any situation.

If you have or are looking to buy a property that has Japanese knotweed within or near its boundary some lenders will insist on a full management plan before agreeing a mortgage on it.

How We Can Help

We have certified surveyors that can help identify, advise and offer comprehensive surveys and management plans to provide you and Lenders with piece of mind.

Our detailed site survey’s and comprehensive report’s including:

  • A confirmation of species present
  • A full management plan providing options on treatments
  • Full detailed plan of site and adjacent stands if applicable
  • Size of plant stands, potential root mass and there location
  • Individual location risks for stands such as to property, water course and neighbouring properties
  • Environmental inspection to ensure viability of each treatment
  • Advice and options that suit your budget, time frame and environmental
  • Assistance with dealing with encroachment issues from adjacent
  • Carry out all treatment options with investment and the environment in mind

All our works are carried out alongside the code of conduct recommended by the Environment Agency & Natural Resource Wales

Here we offer many systems for a variety of situations.

The Do's & Dont's of Japanese Knotweed


  • Leave Japanese knotweed alone and allow treatments to work.
  • Cut down the dead canes between January & February and allow them to dry out within your boundary
  • Quarantine off the area to prevent traffic allowing the spread of material across your land and possibly off also.


  • Cut active or treated Japanese Knotweed plants.
  • Treat the weed yourself with herbicide.
  • Disturb the ground 3 m of any weed.
  • Allow access or foot traffic across the contaminated area.

Treatment Options

Chemical treatments

Treatment with herbicides is cost effective however needs to be applied over a program of years.

Depending on environmental conditions and location to property at risk, application can be applied via stem injection, leaf rubbing or tradition spray methods.

Root Barriers

Root barriers offer protection against invasive roots from entering or leaving a boundary via the introduction of an impermeable screen dug to at least 5m. This secures any boundary and saves you money


Costly but 100% effective, excavation takes place by removing the stand directly and under full supervision by an experienced person, root mass is removed in stages to ensure no unnecessary soil is removed, this helps manage costs an offering efficient removal.  Back-filling of excavated site can then be carried out a monitoring under warranty can takes place

Stock piling

This allows excavation from the direct stand area and re-location on site, root mass and soil are placed within a membrane, where treatment by herbicide in a controlled environment can be carried out.

Root screening

This option can be used on large scale construction suite with deadlines for works. Root mass and soil is excavated and screened, this allows safe soil to be reinstated and the bare ryzome can be either dried on site or removed to waste.

If you think your or a potential property has any invasive plants or weeds. Please request a survey or, if you you’d prefer, contact our expert team for advice first. We’re here to help.

Need help with Invasive Weeds?

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